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Hybrid Circuit Works

Unique Electronic Manufacturing Services Specializing in Thick Film Processes, Hybrid Technologies and Printed Circuit Assembly

Hybrid Circuit Works encompasses the thick film process hybrid wafersfrom design to prototyping to hybrid circuitry, while keeping manufacturing capabilities at the most current levels of technology. Our highly automated electronic assembly facility provides a turn-key solution for all elements of our customers' thick film projects.


application2Hybrid Circuit Works, a division of Connor-Winfield Corporation, focuses on Thick Film Technologies, Hybrid Assembly Technologies, PCB Surface Mount Technologies and Custom Design Services. For over 45 years, Connor-Winfield and its divisions have been pushing the envelope of production processes in order to create a uniquely efficient, high-tech manufacturing environment. As a result, Hybrid Circuit Works was formed to contract Connor-Winfield's core technologies and capabilities to OEM's of Thick Film products, specializing in quick turn around on prototypes and pilot runs, along with the ability to respond efficiently to complex project runs.